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Postdoctoral Appointments at King's College London, UC Santa Cruz, and the Exploratorium

All postdoctoral researchers with CILS have the opportunity to attend advanced research training workshops and seminars on learning theory and research methodologies. They play a leadership role in the CILS Summer Institute for doctoral students and in the monthly video conference reading group.

Postdoctoral researchers at King's College London work with faculty and graduate students on research projects with regional informal learning partners. Current partners include London Zoo, the London Natural History Museum and the London Science Museum.

Postdoctoral Fellowships at UCSC provide a two-year program aimed at new PhDs who want to develop their research in directions compatible with the goals of CILS. Postdoctoral researchers collaborate with one or more faculty in developmental psychology or science and mathematics education, in research of mutual interest relating to informal learning in museums, families and communities in relationship to schools. Postdocs also teach in informal and formal settings as part of this program.

Postdoctoral researchers at the Exploratorium have doctoral degrees in the natural or social sciences. CILS Exploratorium postdocs spend two to three years immersed in one particular program, contributing substantively to the program design and content as well as studying learning opportunities and outcomes for program participants. Postdocs elect to work with one of several museum programs that support teacher practices, youth development, or public engagement with science.